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Ana's By The River

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315 Broad St

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(706) 528 -4139

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11:00AM - 6:30PM
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Ana's Chef Salads

Italian, spicy vinaigrette, ranch, blue cheese, honey mustard, 1000 island


Fresh wings, never frozen! Choose jalapeno, mild buffalo, spicy buffalo, medium buffalo garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, Honey BBQ, or honey spicy


100% fresh USDA choice beef with lettuce, tomato & onion on brioche bun served with fries


Dressings and Sauces

Kids Menu

Served with chips or fries

Ana's Classics

Flour, wheat, spinach or jalapeno wrap ,lettuce or low card wrap. Served with pickles

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Rome's Favorite Classic Rotolo


Your choice of turkey, ham, or roast beef with mayo, provolone, tomato, sprouts, green onion and Italian dressing rolled & grilled

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House Rotolo


Turkey, ham, roast beef, American, provolone & pepper jack cheese, mayo, mustard, green onion, tomato, sprouts, Italian dressing

Grilled Chicken Rotolo


Marinated grilled chicken, green onions, sprouts, tomatoes, provolone cheese, mayo, Italian dressing

Veggie Rotolo


Homemade olive spread, lettuce, green onions, pickles, tomatoes, sprouts, jalapenos, provolone cheese & Italian dressing grilled on spinach wrap

Roast Beef Rotolo


Roast beef, provolone cheese, green onion, tomato, mayo, Italian dressing, grilled

Chicken Salad Rotolo


Homemade chicken salad, jalapenos, sprouts, green onion, tomatoes, provolone cheese, grilled

House Special


Roast beef, turkey, ham, mayo, mustard, provolone, pepper jack, American cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, Italian dressing open faced grilled on Italian bread



Jalapeno wrap, pastrami, capicola ham, 3 cheeses, onion, tomato with homemade spicy vinaigrette and creamy Italian dressing, grilled served with a side of marinated cabbage

Jim Greer Special


Turkey, green onions, jalapenos, American, pepper jack & provolone cheese, mayo, mustard, Italian dressing, lettuce & tomato, grilled on whole wheat bread

Ana's Rosto


Roast beef, green onions, provolone cheese grilled on Italian bread with lettuce and tomato & side of aus jus



Salami, capicola ham, mozzarella, spicy mustard, spicy vinaigrette & Italian dressing, green onions, tomato & lettuce grilled on French bread



New Orleans style...housemade olive spread, salami, ham, provolone cheese, Italian dressing grilled on Italian bread

Nono's Panino


Capicola ham, homemade spicy vinaigrette, provolone cheese, grilled on Italian bread topped with lettuce & tomato



House marinated and oven roasted pork loin, ham, onions, provolone cheese & pickles grilled on Italian bread



Corned beef, thousand island dressing, provolone cheese, sauerkraut on marble rye bread

Pimento Cheese


Housemade pimento cheese on your choice of bread or wrap, grilled or cold!

Chicken Bacon Ranch Rotolo


Ana's marinated grilled chicken, bacon, ranch, provolone cheese grilled on flour wrap

Buffalo Chicken Rotolo


grilled chicken, buffalo sauce, provolone cheese grilled on flour warp served with lettuce & tomato on the side

Tuna Melt


Tuna salad, provolone cheese, mayo lettuce & tomato toasted on white bread

Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef


your choice of 1 meat, veggies & 1 cheese, mayo toasted on your choice of bread or wrap

Turkey Bacon Ranch Rotolo


Turkey, bacon, ranch, provolone cheese grilled on flour wrap



Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, salt and pepper grilled on white bread

Chicken Salad Sandwich


chicken salad, green onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo toasted on white bread


Our family recipe served with garlic bread

Ana's By The River

Menu Last Updated: 4/1/2021

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315 broad st, rome, ga 30161

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